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 Site Rules: The Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules: The Rules   Site Rules: The Rules EmptySun Apr 03, 2011 3:06 pm

Rules of RP

  • No God Modding. God modding is when your character exceeds the natural capabilities that the character has at their current rank and limit. The rank of your character decides how strong they can be. We do not want people who are of a Genin level, pulling of Kage tricks.

  • No One liners. We do not want people submitting one liners since this is spamming. We don't want this and it gives Forums a bad reputation, not only that it makes everybody have a lot less to go off of. As for doing it, if someone cotninues to do one liners they have the possibility of Being banned from the Forum. One liners give people very little and it makes one confused on what to do. If someone gives a one liner and the other person gives tons of lines it almost makes there be no reason for the other person trying to put so much effort and having fun. Please refrain from these.

  • No Auto Hitting. The only exception? Sannin or Kage vs Genin status. We do not want people to automatically hit someone elses character, why? Because this makes the rping much harder for anybody, say their character could have avoided it and was already preparing to do so and your character hits them by what you say? Well then they would have to come up with a way for themselves to not get hit and that would be unfair for them to automatically take damage. As for the Sannin rule, the basis I stand by on this is the fact that Sarutobi or even jiraiya was able to hit Naruto, watch the seen of Tsunade vs Naruto for the same concept. BUT If you have an ingenious way that works on you getting out or avoiding that attack that the person of Sannin or Kage level uses against you, say it. If it's something other than, "It was a log, clone, etc." Those will not be allowed and you will be hit by the attack, be creative. That's why the site is called Naruto Creation. But only be creative on it when it's within your characters power. Don't god mod an escape route.

  • Missions. When you are given a mission before to let it take place and complete it. There isnt' really much to say for this one. Speak to your kage's about your missions and such. Just be sure to know what you are doing.

  • Do not stray from the Naruto World. This site is known as Naruto Creation. It is called that because it is Naruto. Though we may have veered from the storyline a good deal, what I, and Sasuke says, goes. Me and him are practically always in agreement on things so you won't hear contraversy from us. Remember that stuff like Uchiha's are locked, no we are not changing our minds, cause this is the way that we have created this Naruto World. We are not going to be changing our minds. We choose what elements we keep, and we choose what story elements change. Also on this note, stick to the time frame. Machine guns, Satelites, Space Stations, Spartan lazers (Yes...) are not allowed! Those were not in Naruto's time at all. Even if you can incorperate it to fire chakra, don't waste your breath, or your finger strength, they are not allowed and are not going to be approved.

  • Private matters. I say this for the safety of all of our site members. Yes, you mean something to us, something very deep indeed. Do not give out personal information to people on our site. It is not safe and we do not want any scandals are strange things going around. Remember to be safe. I'm sure you have all been told, as did many of as admins when we were little, that the internet is not a safe place. Keep who you are safe. That'sall that I really have to say about this. We will not be held responsible for the events that happen outside of this forum, or private matters between two members.

  • Characters. Follow the template and the rules that we have laid down. Your characters will not be approved unless they are making sense in the Naruto world, not over powered, at the rank listed they need to be, and that you have submitted at least 3 lines of looks for your characters, as well that you have submitted at least 10 lines of history for your characters. Otherwise and by otherwise I mean, if you do not follow these rules right here, your characters will not be approved by any means.

  • Jutsu's. Remember As a Genin (Or whatever rank you are) You are not able to use Jutsu's that are Sannin and Kage level, remember your rank you are not above anybody else if you are a Genin and they are a Genin, just cause your skills are different, sure you might win, sure they might have a good bloodline, but they were creative, and not only that you always have some possible way to retaliate. You should learn from members who put lots of thought into it. Also follow the template for the Jutsu's, make sure that you rank your jutsu's and what the Jutsu moderator says, GOES. NO Questions about it. If something very serious comes up, PM, Sasuke or myself and we will deal with it. But for your info, we're usually on the mods side.

  • Clans. Same concept. It has to make sense in the Naruto World today,no clans that have metal laid throughout their body and that their eyes shoot electronic beams, plus gatling guns in their arms. No. That's not Naruto, that is not what this site is about. Follow the template and be Creative. That's what this is Naruto Creation. Creations based on Naruto's realm and universe. Listen to what the Clan mod says, his word goes on these matters, again if something serious that you are strictly saying you are right, come see an admin, but yeah, we usually agree with the mods.

  • Custom Spirits/Curse Seals, as for the Spirits and such... The demon process is still being fitted out and we will have major comments about this and the rules laid out when we are done. But as for curse seals, they will now be distributed by the one who gives them. No longer can someone just say that they have a curse seal. Sorry, not every one of you will be a Sasuke, or a Sound 4 ninja. You all are your own character, be creative, use your mind to come up with something great.

  • Equpiment. I can explain this in one sentence. Don't leave the Naruto Realm, don't create godly weapons, the weapon doesn't make the character, and listen to the mods, see admin if you have major issues. There done. There should be no questions about this.

  • Groups/Organizations. If you join an Organization or plan on joining one, you must know that your character will not be allowed in unless you are accepted by the person who runs it or a person that they have let accept others into the organization. Also further note, if you are part of Akatsuki, your character still has the same ranks as any ninja who is outside of Akatsuki, just because you are part of their group does not mean that you are able to surpass someone who is Genin if you are a genin of Akatsuki, you will stay the same rank, you are just part of that famous group of people, there shouldn't really be anything that is tough about this.

  • Yeah Rules are annoying we all know, and of course as time goes by, rules will be added and doubtfully taken away. But we make rules so that everybody can be happy, you may not like them, but if there wasn't rules then sites wouldn't be as good there wouldn't be control. We need that. So guys, have fun. Don't be upset about the rules but just listen to them, they're nothing hard to get by with, and they all make alot more sense than anything else really. Also, have fun. That's why we created this site, to that you the rpers, your creativity could flow, we hope you enjoy your time Rping, and hopefully Naruto Creation will live on.No godmodding, metagaming, or anything to make your character over powered.

  • Please remember these and enjoy.
The Safety Rules

  • Don't tell others your age, real name, or where you live.

  • Do not give out phone numbers or any private info.

    I say this because I do not want any problems coming up and referring back to my site. Thanks.
    -The Admins
Important Reminders

    From here on out there are no liners. If one gets caught posting one liners they will obviously get a warning and if it continues on there is the possibility of being banned. Why? Because it is much harder to role play with someone who doesn't put time, effort, or even the slightest description into what they right. I now expect every post to be over 1 line, and as well it must have at the very least 30 words in it. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy this new addition.

    -The Admins

    Several people have complained to me about pm's they receive concerning members advertising one thing or another. This has to stop. Keep advertisements, in the advertisement section. Stop harassing people and filling their inboxes, keep everything where it belongs. If I get any reports of anyone soliciting a site of their own via pm, I will take punitive measures.

    -The Admins

This post was copied from the original NC2 version of the site.

Addendum: Since the site began we have learned a lot about things we
may have not foreseen when things first began. Here on the lovely new
NC3, please remember to keep your posts respectful and clean, we want
everyone to be able to enjoy this place without worry.

~The Admins
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Site Rules: The Rules
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