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 Training Jutsu Rules

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PostSubject: Training Jutsu Rules   Training Jutsu Rules EmptySun Apr 03, 2011 3:14 pm

Training Jutsu Word Count

After creating a jutsu in Jutsu Creation it will be approved. But, it will not be officially approved until you train the jutsu in an IC topic that meets the following requirements for each ranked jutsu. For each jutsu you have there is a word count. The higher ranked the jutsu, the higher the word count.

E Rank Jutsu/Weapon= 400 Words

D Rank Jutsu/Weapon= 600 words

C Rank Jutsu/Weapon= 800 words

B Rank Jutsu/Weapon= 1000 words

A Rank Jutsu/Weapon= 1250 words

S Rank Jutsu/Weapon= 1800 words
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Training Jutsu Rules
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