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 UzuChia Rpg V2 Grand Opening!

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PostSubject: UzuChia Rpg V2 Grand Opening!   Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:24 pm


"Nii-san!!" The young child screamed as he saw his older brother brutally murdered by a Kiri Shinobi. As the Mist Ninja turned with a kunai in his hand, the boy gasped. He quickly turned and ran with his eyes shut. The Shinobi chuckled and chucked the kunai, which impaled the boy's heart moments later. As that happned, a bright light engulfed the World, stopping all battles.

Silence filled the Battlefields as the last of the dead fell to the ground, blown back from the bright light. The boy, lay next to his brother, his arms drapped around him in one last hug. The death of this boy was said to be the end of the 7th Great Shinobi War, but 8 similar deaths happened at the exact same time....


Become a Ninja, live your life the way you want it to be, and fight for your Nindo!

  • No Canons! Completely Original Characters made by you!
  • Defeat the NPC Kages and become one yourself!
  • Unique Chakra and Jutsu System!
  • 3 Different Mangekyo Sharingan Levels!
  • Live, Prosper, and Conquer!

Join the fun now at UzuChia Rpg V2!!!

Click the Image for the Link!

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UzuChia Rpg V2 Grand Opening!
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