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Senjutsu, Art of the Sage

Behind The Sage 2pzdz03




--- Available.

Creature: Toad
Played By:
Control: High Master
Sage Character: ---
Village Location: ---

Creature: Snake
Played By:
Control: Medium Mastery
Sage Character: ---
Village Location: ---

Creature: Snail
Played By:
Control: Low Mastery
Sage Character: ---
Village Location: ---

Creature: Monkey
Played By:
Control: High Mastery
Sage Character:
Village: ---
Location: ---

Creature: Spider
Played By:
Control: Medium Mastery
Sage Character:
Village ---
Location: ---

If you wish to have a Sage Character character you can reserve them here within this thread, however your character will have to make a 5k training topic and be a sannin with a summoners class. For we will not allow a noob to run around with a powerful sage, members need to be mature and skilled. With this being said your character is going to have an amazingly done profile, clan, and much much more, you cant just done one part amazing and leave the other's half assed, this is a full and complete project only those daring and smart enough should dare to take on.

Name: Name yourself

Animal Species: Which of the five did you choose?

Home Village: The nation you hail from, it isnt common to have several sages from the same nationalitly, nor being non-affilated with their villages.

Sage Characteristics: When a shinobi is a sage, they often take on characteristics of the animal they portray, for example a Wolf sage most likely will grow a massive coat of fur and use it to protect himself, while the snail will be acidic spit, or the snake venmous bites, or even the Toads with their affinity for oil. Simply list what you have brainstormed for your sage.

[b]Animal Species:[/b]
[b]Home Village:[/b]
[b]Sage Characteristics:[/b]

Senjutsu, or Sage Techniques are the usage of techniques that are normally secretly guarded by the animals that utilize these techniques. Animal tribes, such as Birds, Toads, Spiders, Snails, and Snakes's have the capacity to use what is referred to as "Natural Chakra". Natural chakra is exactly what it sounds like, their chakra that is infused with all kinds of life forms around the Sage.The sage that has learned to see and feel this chakra is referred to as entering "Sage Mode".

Normally, only animals are capable of using Senjutsu at all, due to the exorbitant amounts of personal chakra that is required to properly train in entering Sage Mode. However, like rules, there are exceptions to this rule. An exceptionally dedicated and skilled human being can come to the animal tribes and request training,or can be sought out by the animals themselves, depending on the circumstances. In any case, it is quite possible for human beings to train in and wield Senjutsu powers.

When one enters Sage Mode, they become capable of absorbing and wielding Natural Chakra, and allows them to mix this new chakra in with their own, to generate power on much higher than levels they could normally attain. This change is also accompanied by physical changes, ranging from small changes in and around the eyes to full body transformations depending on skill level. The lesser the change to your body, the more skill you have, and consequently you are more powerful.

Senjutsu has numerous advantages that are quite notable, the least of which is a chakra supplythat is not only upwards of three or four times your normal levels, it also seems to energize the user. This means that using Natural Chakra is actually beneficial, as it helps to lessen the pain you feel from injuries, and allows you to fight much longer than you could normally. Senjutsu increases your strength and speed by leaps and bounds, and gives you physical capability that was impossible for you before having entered Sage Mode.

The Mechanics of Sage Mode!

As explained earlier, Sage Mode is the form you enter, when absorbing and using natural chakra to fuel attacks. It delivers several notable physical boons as well as increasing the effectiveness of your techniques greatly. There is several levels of Senjutsu skill that determine the extent of your powers, how much Natural Chakra you can use, and also how drastic your transformation from normal form to your Sage Mode form will be. Levels of Senjutsu will be handed out by the admin of the site.


First and foremost, I would like to explain, the overall mechanics of Sage Mode and being a Hermit.

1: You MUST have your Animal Sages out or be meditating on your own to ENTER Sage Mode. You can also opt to enter the thread you are joining in Sage Mode, as it doesnít matter much.

2: Upon entering Sage Mode you gain 20 NATURAL CHAKRA POINTS (This is likened to having a mana/energy bar in a videogame) and are hard capped at 30 points. Every Senpo (Sage Art) technique that you perform will cost a pre-determined amount of Chakra Points you have from 4 to 20. You will have to add the number of Natural Chakra points your Sage Techniques use to the application in which you apply for them. They will be judged accordingly by the Admin.

2a: If you fall below 0 Natural Chakra Points you will immediately leave Sage Mode and be affected by its aftereffects. You also cannot go into Natural Chakra ďDebtĒ meaning that you canít spend 8 when you only have 7 left, to go to -1 and leave Sage Mode.

2b: If you drop out of Sage Mode in a fight, you must have your Animal Sages sit and channel on your body for 3 turns before you can re-enter Sage Mode. Alternatively, your Hermit can also meditate for three turns, and then re-enter Sage Mode on his own. If you manage to re-enter Sage Mode in a fight, you start at 10 Natural Chakra Points under all circumstances.

3: Sage Mode is a limited form, in that you can only use up the amount of Natural Energy currently at your disposal. The one weakness of Sage Mode is that you require a constant source of natural energy to fuel Sage Techniques and use your Natural Aura. Also, the second (And most important) weakness of Senjutsu is that you must remain perfectly still while you gather natural chakra. This weakness is mostly averted by a tactic known as ďfusionĒ. While the name implies a transformation of some kind, it really does not include anything like that.

This is simply the animal sages who taught the Hermit how to use Natural Chakra helping the Hermit to gather Natural Chakra. By some physical contact (Normally sitting on his shoulders) the Animal sages sit perfectly still on the Hermitís body while he moves. This lets the Hermit gather natural chakra through the Sages while not being totally defenseless.

As long as your Animal Sages are attached to your body and take no action they collect 3 Natural Chakra Points for you every round. This means that they cannot attack or perform any actions, just sit there. (This is semi-lenient, as they can talk and reposition a little bit if the need arises, and you still get the 3 points) This also works in vice versa.

If you can manage to keep your hermit sitting still while your Animal Sages fight, then you can also generate the 3 Natural Chakra Points for your turn (As your Hermit can stand still and gather Natural Chakra as well).If both the Sages and the Hermit manage to sit still together for a whole turn you gain 9 Natural Chakra Points. This is because when working in tandem, they can absorb much more Natural Chakra then if they worked singularly.

4: You CAN come up with creative ways to generate Natural Chakra outside of the normal means (Keyword CREATIVE, Donít rip Narutoís Shadow Clone idea, at least not without some kind of catch)

5: Because of the nature of their arts, Hermits are much more connected with their Summons than other ninja. Meaning they can perform summons much faster and for much less chakra than normal ninja. The hermit and his Animal Sages/Summons are capable of combination techniques that most ninja canít achieve. They are also aided by the insight and knowledge of their wise Animal Sages.

With this, however, comes a downside. They are also vastly more dependent on their summons for strength. If your Animal Sages are damaged/killed in combat
then you become unable to readily regenerate Natural Chakra, and become much less versatile. Also, since death is permanent, you can not get your Animal Sages back.

NOTES: In the case of a killed Animal Sage, then you are allowed to create and register a new Animal Sage, but all of your old Sageís techniques and jutsu are lost, and the new Sage will likely have to be much different than the original. In other words, DONíT LET YOUR SUMMONS DIE!

Also, as a general rule your Hermit can have no more than 2 Animal Sages teaching/helping him. They can come in any variations of gender/age but are generally small enough to be able to easily sit on your body.

Low Mastery

  • A Low Mastery of Senjutsu, is signified by a heavy and often grotesque transformation of the body. You begin to share many aspects that your animal of origin has, such as going down on all fours, webbed feet, warts, a big nose, etc. You very much become a Therianthrope (Generic term for Were-*insert animals*)

    The physical and mental changes brought on by entering
    Sage Mode are varied and useful, the first and most obvious of which is a generic increase to physical power. Ninja who enter Sage Mode will have a noticeable increase in speed, power, and pain tolerance. The Natural Chakra flowing through and around their body protects them from harm andhelps to ease the force of blows. Low Mastery means that while they will be more physically powerful than most normal shinobi, they are still not overwhelmingly powerful.

    Mentally, you become more in tune with Nature and balance of your surroundings. This gives you the ability to distinctly sense nearby beings chakra signatures. This sense is hit and miss, and wonít give you any distinctive information about location.

    Using your Natural Chakra you are capable of using techniques that require it (Obviously). This means that you will have to register custom techniques that use your original techniques as a basis for Sage Mode attacks. You can have a maximum of 4 Senpo techniques registered with Low Mastery. Due to your Low Mastery, you must add 2 Points on to the amount that your Senpo techniques were registered as. Note, that you must use custom techniques as the basis for your Senpo techniques, and that you can use the same technique for multiple Sage Mode techniques.

    If you drop out of Sage Mode in combat you will be exhausted and unable to continue, you can try to run away, but it may already be too late. Your summons will have to come to your rescue!

    Medium Mastery

    A Medium Mastery over Senjutsu proves to be just that, an average transformation. You will still share a few characteristics with your animals of choice, such as warts for toads, but you will be MUCH less unsightly.

    The increased amount of Natural Chakra flowing through your body, more greatly enhances the properties of the previous masteryís. You will see a vast increase in speed and power, and will take less damage from attacks that hit you. A medium mastery means that you will be able to overpower the vast majority of known Shinobi in a purely physical fight.

    The ability to sense chakra works more often for you, but is still not very accurate. You are capable of telling if someone is in your general vicinity with great ease, however.Also, now that you have become better with throwing your Natural Chakra around, the Natural Chakra rests on your skin like a veil of kinds, that increases the range of your physical attacks by a few feet. This is because the Natural Chakra becomes one with your body, and acts like a limb that you can control like one of your own. This is the main factor that contributes to your being able to perform such complicated jutsu.

    You can have a maximum of 6 Senpo techniques registered with Medium Mastery. Note, that you must use custom techniques as the basis for your Senpo techniques, and that you can use the same technique for multiple Sage Mode techniques. Due to Medium Mastery you must add 1 on to the Point costs of all of your Senpo techniques.

    If you drop out of Sage Mode in combat you will be exhausted and more than likely unable to continue fighting. You do have enough strength to move however, and could get away or hide behind your summons.

    High Mastery

    Behind The Sage Narutosagemodebycking16wc9

    Naruto in My Chemical Romance Mode- Errr....Sage Mode.

    A High Mastery is signified by very little change in the userís
    appearance. The pigmentation around the eyes, and the change of the pupils are the signs of a true sage. You will look almost identical to your normal form outside of Sage Mode.

    In High Mastery,you are well versed in the usage of your Sage Chakra and are capable of impressive feats of physical strength and speed. You are also highly resistant to both blunt and piercing attacks, and can do as much as fall off a mountain and feel very little pain from it. This is not to say you donít take damage, your Natural Chakra simply pads the blows, to keep you from feeling too much pain, and tends to protect your more vital organs.

    Your Chakra sense works accurately now, and you are able of pinpointing someoneís location fairly quickly, and if you personally know them, you can even recognize them simply by their unique chakra signature. Your Natural Aura gives your physical attacks a few extra feet of reach, and it is also what helps to protect you from taking the full damage from blows. Your strong Natural Aura also lets you perform complicated jutsu with much more ease than when inMedium Mastery.

    You can have a maximum of 9 Senpo techniques registered with Medium Mastery. Note, that you must use custom techniques as the basis for your Senpo techniques, and that you can use the same technique for multiple Sage Mode techniques. Due to
    High Mastery you take no increased Natural Chakra Point cost penalty on Senpo techniques.

    Like all levels of Sage Mode, if you drop out of Sage Mode you will be exhausted and significantly weaker than when you started. This is not to say as you will DIE if you lose Sage Mode, but you will be a huge disadvantage. You will need a lot of help from your summons to overcome this.
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