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 The Chinkonkishin Organization

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Chinkonkishin | ちんこんきしん
Return to the Divine Through Spiritual Quietude

Legend of the Assassins:

“Nothing is true; everything is permitted.”

Nothing that anyone says about how we should be or should act is true within reality. There is only what we choose.

Everything we could ever think of doing within the realm of actual possibility in this physical reality is permitted to happen, and so it does.

The Assassins have existed in antiquity. Throughout history, there was always war. War bred the peacemakers. They acted selflessly, out of necessity. The original four were vagabonds, each of different creeds and clans, that came together for the purpose of balancing the nations. Leaders were established because of their unique ability to create Fuuinjutsu seals; they were valuable, giving them an edge. And it was so. There are those who will always exist to cause chaos, and as such, there will always exist the Assassins. Efficient and forceful, their senses honed and their minds tailored to divine justice. It began in primitive tribes, when wars were fought with stones and fists. Four men came together before the establishment of Hidden Villages. They saw the injustice that had spewn across the lands. There was no cohabitation. Certainly no peace. Those were those amongst them far too corrupt to become swayed by the tides of benevolence. Those had to be murdered; returned to the divine with quieted spirits.

Initiation and Inheritances:
Anyone can be accepted into the Assassins if they devote themselves to its tenets and show the qualities of the group. Firstly, the recruit becomes branded on one of their hands with the sigil that represents the group. Then they must lose one of their ring fingers, on whichever hand they chose to become branded. This loss of a finger is both symbolic of sacrificing a part of ones’ life to the greater good, as well as a requirement to wielding one of the Assassins’ signature weapons. They must also follow the Creed[II]. Upon being accepted into the group, they become separated into a hierarchy[III]. All members receive various things, known as Divine Inheritances. These things extend from weapons used for assassination[IV] and a Fuuinjutsu seal ritual to alter performance through their chakra network[V].

I. The Symbolism. The Assassins are represented by a sigil, a jagged triangle with a curved swivel at the bottom. This is usually adorned on their clothing, much like an imprint used to show respect or strong ties to a clan, or a forehead protector carved out for a village to show a person’s status as a shinobi. This is also burned into the hands of those that join the organization with a hot iron and is what their Fuuinjutsu seal looks like. This symbol is very important to them, holding a significant meaning for everything that they stand for, as well as an object of homage to all amongst them that have fallen in their devotion.

The Chinkonkishin Organization BPCS7

II. The Creed. Every single person in the organization must follow this set of guidelines, with no exceptions. Failure to follow the Creed will result in a massive manhunt. No matter how skilled, one rogue Assassin is no match for multiple devotees. There are those higher amongst the group that will never abandon the ambitions of their aboriginals, and those are the strongest and most knowledgeable in the Assassin’s Order. This doctrine is for the betterment of all involved.

Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent.The goal of the Assassins is to ensure peace in all things. It is believed that political assassinations and the death of the corrupt will allow civilians and neutral or allied shinobi alike to live in true peace. True security. With that comes progress. But when innocents and bystanders are slain, not only does this spread discord and strife, but it ruins the name and intentions of the Assassin’s Order.

Always be discreet. Be unseen. The aim of the Assassins is to get in close to their mark and get rid of them quickly and efficiently. This is the beauty of the Assassins, that they can seemingly materialize from nowhere, get rid of a corrupt person, and then simply vanish within a crowd or environment. If they are spotted however, they have to fight, which is likely to draw attention in a public setting. Therefore, the only persons that may see them are those that are required to become executed; this is only when they’re caught alone. If detected in public, escape. Drawing unnecessary attention is a part of the worst treachery, which is...

Never compromise the Chinkonkishin. The actions of one must never bring harm to all. Direct or indirect. Under any circumstances. If an Assassin fails at their mission, becomes pursued, captured, or even tortured, they must never commit an action or reveal something that can be tied back to the Assassin’s Order. If one exposes secrets, aspects of the Order, including the location and information about its members, then they’ve committed the ultimate sin when it comes to the Chinkonkishin. They will be hunted down, their Inheritances revoked, their abilities and secrets permanently forgotten, then finally cast out from the Order and their village with their shame, knowing what they’ve done. Made worse as it exposes whomever they reveal to, forcing the Order to induce amnesia on them also.

III. The Hierarchy. Within the Order, there are varying types of members that gain levels in skill as they rank up. They are separated by a line of importance, with ranking up granting them more essentialness and prominence when it comes to taking on missions. Eventually, they reach the ultimate in the group, allowing them to help collaborate on the decisionmaking process with their other high-tiered and influential brothers and sisters.

Initiates. These are the beginners of the group. Genin, if you will. They’re just now getting used to their new abilities, weapons, and training methods. They are the least important and most expendable members, often taken on by two or more higher-ranking members in order to be trained with the utmost proficiency in the Order’s methods. While weaker, they are necessary, because people at this level carve themselves out to be great leaders into the future.

Apprentices. These are the middlemen. They can be like Chuunin. When they’ve reached this level, they are already good at using their skillsets. They’re actual members of the Order now, and may be considered for changes that affect them. They have proven themselves to take on more complex missions and objectives. In terms of ability, they are like the experts, already seasoned in their craft and able to perform official executions. At this level, they may freely take on Initiates, but it is recommended within the Order that for every Assassin teacher, there should be two Apprentice teachers.

Assassins. The elite. Much like Jounin, or higher. Among them are those that contribute to decisions involving the clan. They’ve earned the highest amount of respect from the members of the organization, and their word is law. However, they are under the highest scrutiny from each other, to make sure that they stay in line, no matter how much the Order has come to trust them. They take on the most difficult and complex assignments. They can move through crowds and environments with masterful skill, using the quickest methods to execute the unsuspecting and the most superior in their potential to battle with opposition.

IV. The Weaponry. These are the tools of the trade. What an Assassin must learn to use to the point that they become like metallic extensions of their own limbs. The more adept an Order member becomes at utilizing his arsenal, the more dangerous he becomes. These are valuable weapons, made from the finest materials from the most skilled blacksmiths from within the group. They must be made precisely, down to the finest detail, exactly like the others of their kind. Therefore, only a select few offspring of masterful blacksmiths had forged them. No longer being created, there are a limited amount of each, passed down from all of the older members to the newer ones. Receiving these means that the recruit has began to become trusted by the Order. If the recruit is thrown out, their blades are taken and recycled to another.

The Chinkonkishin Organization Fvn0z
Kyoujin | きょうじん [Assassin’s Dagger]. This is the main weapon of the Order, and something of a signature. All members have one; some have one on each arm, though this results in the loss of both ring fingers and requires special permissions. It responds to the chakra signature of the group after it is altered from the Fuuinjutsu ritual, streghthening the blade in structural stability and allowing it to maintain its sharpness without going dull. It’s retractable, able to be used for stealth executions as well as regular combat. However, using it in combat situations is not permissible, as it makes it very difficult for the Assassin to block attacks. This is the consequence to a blade that punctures its target very quickly, often after appearing suddenly.

The Chinkonkishin Organization R8ruL
Ōwazamono | おわざもの [Firstrate Sword]. This is a long modified Syrian blade used primarily for one-on-one battle. It can block, parry and attack with deadly efficiency, making it the weapon of choice for Assassins that need to do battle with someone that they failed to execute stealthfully. The hilt of the blade is shaped like the wings of an eagle, made of light but durable material that makes it agile. This is a perfect choice for when the fight against one person, but if other opposition is among them, then it is best to switch to a quicker and smaller selection. Much like the Kyoujin, it responds to their chakra signature.

The Chinkonkishin Organization X9p6j
Suntetsu | すんてつ [Short Blade]. This blade is much faster than the Ōwazamono, though not as fast as the Kyoujin. It is large enough to block attacks from other weapons, though not enough so to parry them, and agile enough to be drawn quick enough to counter in quick succession. Because it is able to block attacks, unlike the Kyoujin, it’s the perfect weapon for combating multiple opponents. It sacrifices strength and reach for quickness. It is often used as an intermediary blade, such that it is able to be drawn quick enough to hold back a close and attacking opponent long enough for the Assassin to grab his sword. It too responds to their chakra.

V. The Fuuinjutsu Ritual. This is a seal that becomes placed on every member of the Order when they join. It involves a complex ritual and the result has a very specific purpose, which is to acclimate the bearer to have the capability of becoming a lot more stealthy. This ritual will always involve at least three present Assassins, with one of them who knows the sealing method. If an Assassin is not present, the Grand Master of the Order will convene. First, a hole is carved in the skin of the person receiving the seal, quill ink then allowed to drip through the wound. Then the Fuuinjutsu is applied, the chakra forming the seal and creating an internal reaction. When injected into the epidermis of the one that it’s being performed on, it begins altering their chakra signature, spreading across their tenketsu points and changing the way that their chakra reacts to their bodies when they channel it in a specific way. It feels much like activating a jutsu to the user, and in a manner of speaking, it resembles the process. The only difference is that there is not a necessity to mold their chakra a certain way; simply to allow it spread.

The Chinkonkishin Organization MRENg

Ukehan | うけはん [The Seal of Surety]

When the chakra is converged around the body, it makes the body react in a different way than normal. When in motion, it will create a blurred effect. This allows the opponent to track where they are, if skilled enough, but the important thing is that they will not to know who they are. This can be quite a distracting asset in battle in its own right, because the opponent will not know what to expect. There is little leeway to perceive what they are doing, but nevertheless, they may be detected. When they’re standing completely still though, they will become invisible. Unfortunately, while remaining invisible, they are unable to do anything else—only perceive their surroundings.

It should be noted that their chakra will not go into other objects; they will reject it. The only exception is their Divine Inheritance Blades which are specially made for it. They will also be detectable when using this ability by sensor-nin and others who specialize in detection. But even though their presence may be known, their unique chakra signature prevents their identity from being revealed, allowing them to remain unexposed in terms of who they are and anonymous despite existing there in plain sight.

- Initiates, 6 Apprentices, 4 Assassins, 1 Grand Master of the Order
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The Chinkonkishin Organization
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