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 Saito Uchiha(done)

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PostSubject: Saito Uchiha(done)   Saito Uchiha(done) EmptyWed Apr 06, 2011 1:33 pm

Birthdate: Feburary 14

Nindo: A true gentleman must at least stay loyal to his Lady, his Lord, and his God.

Name: Saito Uchiha

Nickname: none

Personality: Saito is a very polite and patient guy, however, is very decitful and manipulative. He loves his Village and Country, and does whatever it takes to make sure he or others does not disgrace them. He is proud and very possessive when it comes to protecting Eri(Emi), who he claims to the non-Uchihas to be his sister; not true. He might be patient but does not like it when other guy gets close to his "beautiful raven" or "precious doll". He does like not other Uchiha in his own house considering her might be caught with the fact he kidnapped her. His obsession with Eri (Emi) can outweigh the desire to bring honor to his clan or village. Though he has never been in that situation.

whatever Eri likes
dogs(they are loyal)

other men close to Eri
whatever Eri dislikes

Sexual Orientation: straight

Bringing shame to clan
bringing shame to village
losing Eri
being caught

Physical Information

Gender: Male


Height: 6.2ft


Hair Color: red

Eye Color: black

General Appearance: Saito Uchiha(done) Autumn10
Clan Information


Social Information

Emi (in a way)
leader of uchiha(father)

Emi (kinda)

Ninja Status

Affiliation: Konoha
Ninja Registration: 612203

Rank: jounin(working towards anbu)

Class: B rank
Academy Graduation Age: 7

Chakra Information

Nature: water, lightning, wind

Specialization: Kekkei genkai, taijutsu, genjutsu, ninjutsu

Special Characteristics:

Saito has a sixth sense, and can sense danger from a mile away. His eyes will feel like they are on fire, usually when danger is around or a natural disaster might occur. It can also warn him when he is being attacked and his guard down; with enough time to react and plenty of time counter it.

Despite being an Uchiha one of his elemental nature ended up being more of a water style rather than fire.

He can cast techniques via one handed hand signs, allowing them one hand free while using jutsu. One cannot however, form two separate jutsu at the same instance by doing two different hand sign weavings with one hand each.

Born with 15 more chakra than average ninja



Additional Jutsu

(Any jutsu that you create, or that your character has learned will be moved here. This only applies to those jutsu you've created, or learned AFTER your character application was approved. Only Administrators have the power to add the Jutsu you've created, or that you've learned to this section of the character app. You will leave this portion of the app. blank to start with.)


Ninja Tools: (List the amount of the usual ninja tools every ninja wields in their pouch, as well as what that amount of them.)

  • 30 shuriken
  • 10 explosive tags
  • 6 smoke bombs

Biography & RP-Sample

Saito grew up living life as a slightly disturbing child. He would torture animals, played alone in the swing set, and collect bugs especially butterflies and spiders. He was bullied for his red hair and white skin. They ruined his experiments, pushed him off the swing set, throw his food in the dirt, etc. Around the age of seven he meets a sweet girl named Kana and they were friends for a year. He didn't understand why but every tie she cried he could never tell if he enjoyed it or not. Deciding he liked seeing her hurt he became a bully to her; conveniently it was also around when his bullying stopped. He got mad when he saw his ex-bullies bullying Kana, and ended getting in a fight with them on the bridge. The other ran away leaving one boy fighting him. He pushed a boy who fell into Kana and they both fell.

loss and gain
No one was there to hear her yell, scream, or even see her shed a tear; except him. He reached the bottom of the bridge and cried, of sadness and anger, but she didn't move. That was his first time activating his Sharingan.

Saito wanted tobring honor and pride to the Uchha name and pushed himself to the limit. He trained a lot with his family and relatives. He become more sociable, even making friends with a loner boy named Keiichi so he developed a close relationship with. Saito expanded his mind in order to memorize things and jutsus quicker. He one day ran away from home to see the outside of the village. There he meet a Beautiful little girl named Emi, who could never smile. They became friends and he developed a huge crush on her when she actually made herself smile for him for her first time. They secretly meet twice a week for 2 years, he saw her perform as a shrine maiden.

He also discovered she was immune to fire when the shrine burnt down with her inside it. His best friend found out and got jealous because he focused more on her then their friendship, even threatening to tell everyone he had been sneaking out, not wanting that to happened he did something he slightly regretted but also enjoyed a bit; he killed his best friend, from that he gained the Mangekyou Sharingan.

damsel in distress
Not long after that he sent a few houses in Emi's village, so they would blame her. When she ran away he 'rescued' her taking her back to the village. However, she slipped through his grip and fell into the water. He managed to save her and while she was hardly breathing, he carried her back to his father pretending he found her drowning. She lived but lost most of her memories and ended up living with the Uchiha's. He gave her the name Eri.

When he became Chunnin he moved out brining along Eri. His father understood and approved and even convinced Saito to peruse a career as a anbu leader or at least a member,and Saito agreed. While an apprentice the anbu members, who most of them where stronger and more powerful than him were even impressed at how far he had come. Of course they never admitted it, they wanted to help expanded his talents, so they continued to pretend as if he wasn't improving to motivate to work harder.

He usually doesn't like it when people enter his house, especially since he has Eri called him different titles in front of guests. With any other Uchiha such as his fmily she would called him by his acutal name(all Uchiha know she is not related to them), if non Uchiha members she would call him her brother(Eri is genin while Saito is Chunin). She was even kidnapped not long after becoming genin; Saito killed the man before he could even leave his house.

After a long time of hard work, it finally paid off. He was well known around Konoha, and respected as a ninja. He is waiting to see if the anbu will accept him.

RP-Sample: (The RP-sample should be at least 3-5 sentences.)
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Saito Uchiha(done)
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