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 Emi Himuro(done)~Uchiha

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PostSubject: Emi Himuro(done)~Uchiha   Emi Himuro(done)~Uchiha EmptyThu Apr 07, 2011 7:22 pm

Birthdate: November 7th

Nindo: “Everything in life has an opposite. While one brings devastation; the other brings peace.”

Name: Emi Himuro (' Eni Uchiha', but not actually an uchiha)


Personality: Emi is a very quiet person, and who is always deep in thought. She is polite and kind and speaks very formal. Its hard to tell she is sad or just plain emotionless. Though she can be sad or get angry it very difficult for her to show it. However she can manage to show a smile gentle smile that will send anyone heart aflutter.

shrimp lo mein

any type of body of water

Sexual Orientation:

closed spaces
Physical Information

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 106cm

Weight: 110

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red

General Appearance: Emi Himuro(done)~Uchiha Hellgirl
Emi Himuro(done)~Uchiha Jogoku-shoujo-mitsuganae-enma-ai

Emi was born a beautiful girl at such a young age. Pale skin and red crystal like eyes, round smooth face and long black silky straight hair; making her look like the perfect doll. Elegance in her walk and a soft angelic voice only increases her beauty. So beautiful it seems to hard to believe she is real and not some kind of glass doll. Her expression is extremely breathtaking yet impossible to tell if she is sad or just emotionless. She usually either wears a special kimono were the pattern on it literally moves, or a black school girl uniform. She is also flat chested, but everything else makes up for it.

Social Information

Saito Uchiha (not really)
Uchiha family(not really)
Rei Himuro
Kei Himuro

Saito Uchiha (more or less)
Uchiha family

Ninja Status

Affiliation: Konoha

Ninja Registration: 757692

Rank: chunnin

Class: C rank

Academy Graduation Age: 10

Chakra Information

Nature: fire lightning (only)
Specialization: taijutsu, senjutsu, ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:

Emi can control, shape and bend fire easily, only if there is fire available. Not only is she able to control it she unaffected by any kind of fire. She can take a small flame and increase it to the size of the user(limit) and she can decease the size of the fire without chakra. The fire she controls won't spread with flammable things unless she wants it to without chakra. However creating from it nothing does take chakra and a lot depending how big.

Emi was born with Mobius, but luckly not to an extreme extent such as drooling, a palate or not being to shift her eyes. She can manage to smile once in a while but it is extremely difficult. She can form expression when crying, laughing or in pain.


Additional Jutsu

(Any jutsu that you create, or that your character has learned will be moved here. This only applies to those jutsu you've created, or learned AFTER your character application was approved. Only Administrators have the power to add the Jutsu you've created, or that you've learned to this section of the character app. You will leave this portion of the app. blank to start with.)


Ninja Tools:

  • 20 shuriken
  • 10 kunais
  • 6 explosive tags

Biography & RP-Sample


Emi was born in a small ninjaless village far far away. The whole village just adore and loved her, she was kind and very popular amongst the older people.

However, she didn't spend much of her life there for she was taken away at the age of six. Before she was taken away from home she used to play in the forest alot, with the animals or other kids. They all knew she could control fire, they first notice it when she was four years old; they were performing a ceremony for the gods.

She was performing a shrine dance in front of many people, but didn't realize, they made the pants a bit too long causing her to trip. She accidentally pulled down the shrine torch setting the shrine on fire. The performers manage to get out except Rei. At first they were devastated believing she was dead but she simple walked out unscathed.

That was when her future captor saw this. He thought she was always pretty since she was four, but finding out that fire couldn't hurt her made him want her more. They had meet long ago, when was playing in the forest a couple times. He befriended her and they would secretly meet at dawn to play her little games. So one night he set all the houses near she lived on fire. 40% of the village burned down, the villagers were mad at her thinking she did it. She was sad and ran away into the forest right before she was kidnapped.

She lost a bit of her memories from falling into the river when being first kidnapped, she knows she has a real family but doesn't remember the kidnapping. He tells her that her(around the age of Cool family died long ago, despite the fact they are alive. Her name was changed to Eni Uchiha.

She was quite popular among the boys for her pretty eyes and soft hair. Saito( age 12; genin) would get jealous and try to convince his father to keep her home. She was fragile but was very flexable and learned how to control fire for a few seconds. She was smart but her quick thinking was pretty average and usually took her time when it came to getting things done.

Emi had been kidnaped from her kidnapper not long when she graduated from the academy at 10. Saito( first kidnapper; chunnin) wasn't happy when he saw this and kill him before he could even make it out of the house. She moved in with Saito who got his own place in Konoha. She learned how to create and control fire for a long period of time, also increasing her speed when using it for offense. She wanted to become a med ninja.

She became chunnin and started learning under the medics.
(kidnapper from her kidnapper)
Emi Himuro(done)~Uchiha Bird2
Roleplay Sample:

The sky was completely bright and clear, despite the fact the trees blocked the whole view making it look darker than it actually was. She wore a light pink kimono, wooden sandals, and with her hair tied up. She wasn't lost but she could easily be so if she continued deeper into the forest. Tossing a ball with dull colored design on it over and over again managing a small smile;some reason she could smile from time to time. She jumped from stepping stone to stepping stone missing them since they were seperated a bit too far but pretended to make it. There was a lake near by were she was playing and without noticing dropped the ball into the water.

It drifted slowly away as she knelt down to try to grab it but it slipped from her fingers father away and she fell. She couldn't swim and started to drown, luckily a shadowy figure grabbed her arm before she was out of his reach and pull her up to the surface. She coughed the water out and could breathe "are you ok sweetie" a male voice said. She looked up to see a male with black hair and eyes with a white jacket looking shirt and black long pants. She rubbed her eyes like a tired child and said emotionless "thank you sir". He let her down from his arms and replied "you should be very careful you could have died" and she said "s-sorry".

He placed a hand on her hand and gently rubbed it slightly back and forth smiling; she blush a bit still no smile. He notice this and asked worriedly "why are you sad, you ok, you're not hurt are you?" She shook her head and replied "n-no i am fine i could never smile a lot since i was born, my smile is very hard to show." He smiled and said "i'm sorry about that but maybe if we got to know each other you might smile more". She was a bit confused but he held out his hand and said "the name is Takeshi" she nodded and said "my name is Rei nice to meet you."

He thought to himself looking around the around with a slightly serious face before turning to face her with a smile "how about you meet me here at dawn to play more". She placed a finger under her chin looking down in thought. She looked up and said "but i can't my mommy might get mad at me for talking to a stranger especially at night". He chuckled and replied "not if we get to know each other she won't, she won't stop you from making friends". "hmm...ok but i guess i shouldn't tell her now should i" she asked making him think for a moment "maybe not now but i will suggest when you should tell her" he held out his pinky and she hooked her pinky on his making a promise. "Ok how about twice a week" she asked and he nodded. He jumped into the deep lake and pushed the ball close towards the edge near her. She grabbed the ball bowed and turned hurrying away not noticing his smirk.


Quote :
Her mother told her not to wear the animated kimono in public or both of them could be killed for witchcraft, king or no king. She decided to sneak out of her house and leave the outskirts of town to play by the lake deep in the forest that surrounded most of the outside walls of the kingdom. Playing with a old dull yet multicolored bouncy ball it slipped from her hands into the water. She didn't want to get her kimono wet but really wanted to stop the ball from getting to far from her. Not only was it far the edge of land the lake were in different heights. The water was a couple feet below the edge of dirt were she laid. Not watching how far she leaned Emi almost fell off; however she someone grabbed her arm pulling her away. It was a boy with red hair and extremely pale skin. He said his name was Saito Uchiha.
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Emi Himuro(done)~Uchiha
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