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 Suzambo, Ginto [ Finished ]

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Suzambo, Ginto [ Finished ]  Empty
PostSubject: Suzambo, Ginto [ Finished ]    Suzambo, Ginto [ Finished ]  EmptySat Apr 09, 2011 9:37 pm

Character Sheet = Suzambo, Ginto

Personal Information
Birthday: August 25th

Nindo: "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end."
Name: Ginto Suzambo
Nickname: Gin [ For those who are too lazy to pronounce his full name. ]

Personality: Ginto, or Little Ginto as he is called by the Elders, is what the average Jounin would call a "Controlled Wild Mutt". Almost as raggedy as his appearance, the fiesty Suzambo child resembles a ticking time bomb, always ready to explode but never actually doing it. In fact, this behavior is the exact reason Ginto is mostly mistaken for a first year at the Academy. He's so childish in his actions that many feel that he may not be the best choice for a shinobi, or any sort of leader. However, that is a complete understatement. Although Ginto is quite used to following the ideals and commands of others, that being how he was raised, Gin can and will hold his own when there's nobody left to lead him. He's actually capable of stopping and thinking before doing or saying something, a feat that many won't see coming from the young, poor prankster. The Suzambo is somewhat reckless in his movements, relying on luck when in battle, and doesn't hold back from a fight. That, combined with a positive attitude and an urge to serve his country, sums up Ginto's rather firey yet calm attitude. If you really think about it, maybe this Academy Student can really become a ninja.

When it comes to negative traits, Ginto has many. He's a naturally born trickster, he likes to tease and to joke. None of his pranks are vicious or made for revenge. All are made for fun, and to establish a sense of control, which deep in Ginto's brain, he wants. Ginto is also a bit greedy, since he was raised in a poorer environment, where money did the talking. It won't control his life, but in order to get him to do something at his earnest, some kind of reward would best be in favor. Ginto is quick to make a friend, but many don't see beyond his prankish ways. In fact, if it were not for his pranking, he may have never been noticed by many of his peers.

Ginto wishes to be able to save lives with medical jutsu. This is a consistent wish he's always shared with his mother, who was once a nurse.

Likes: As an Academy Student, there is of course the desire to become a fully fledged shinobi, and for Ginto, there is no exception. To be more specific, he wants to learn how to save people from the brink of death, to be able to establish a control he's never felt before. In order to gain this ability, he's been trying to figure out the practice of medical ninjutsu, though he hasn't really done much. The subject is really interesting to him, so you know what to expect if you bring it up. Ginto is a practical joker, and his ability to think carefully in order to make decisions disturbs more and more of the villagers each day. Some small things that Ginto enjoys would be card games (go fish), money, fast foods / snacks and hanging around water (due to his element). Also, believe it or not, Ginto likes the peace and quiet.

Dislikes: Most people Ginto sees just can't seem to take a joke. Therefore he does not like people who lack a sense of humor. Or at least his humor. He dislikes the idea of completely controling a person, prefering to just rub off on a person rather than manipulate them. Of course he hates people who give a threat to his home, yet many of the few books he reads have missing-nins as the heros. The Academy Student dislikes people who give up, though he will try to help them out. Like I said, he's quick to make friends. Ginto hates girly stuff, orange juice and snobs.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Fears: He fears of confined spaces, death and bad endings. Ginto also has a fear of underground corridors, since they seem to like collapsing whenever he walks in.

Physical Information
Suzambo, Ginto [ Finished ]  LittleT
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Height: 4'4''
Weight: Average

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Black

General Appearance: At first glance, most would mistaken the young Suzambo to be a child. He seems so young, too young in fact, to be an Academy Student. Short, kind of squat looking, and with a little bit of fat from his fast food cravings, Ginto's body is years behind him, something routinely made fun of by most of his peers. He shows no signs of puberty, his muscles seemingly weak underneath tanned Kirigakure skin. There are in fact some muscles underneath the thin arms, and it can be a rather embarassing deal when a young kid lands you on your butt by the end of the day. Ginto's tanned skin lacks many scars and bruises a full fledged shinobi would have, though there are plenty of easily healed scratches from several training procedures gone wrong. Ginto's short yet wiry body is rather pain tolerant due to his reckless nature. Ginto's face is round and sits on a thin neck. The cheeks are comically chubby, and a fat nose complete with a slim smile [ or a dull one if he's pretending to be innocent ] give an overall cute appearance. His eyes are large and lazy looking, the iris being a deep shade of onyx. Ginto's hair is sort of long and very messy and dirty, a dull shade of dark brown. Ginto doesn't regularly comb or even clean himself, thinking that wasting any energy in his home would prove dire consequences.

Ginto wears a baggy, dull, used way more than once t-shirt over a smaller, more form fitting green one. The brown one belonged to his father, which is why it's so beaten up. He wears a pair of beige shorts and black shinobi sandals. In class, he usually brings with him an equally beaten up backpack, the contents up to the student's imagination.

His voice is raspy and ragged, and actually medium-range, so he sounds a little older than he looks.

Clan Information
Clan: N/A

Social Information
Family: Mother - Hanna Suzambo [ Deceased ] She was a most beautiful lady. However, she died after contracting the same illness she had been treating a patient for. Cancer. Ginto doesn't remember her well, but he knows she was a wonderful person and wishes to be able to do the same thing as she did, saving lives.

Father - Juugo Suzambo [ Missing ] One of the lesser branch leaders of the Suzambo family and a former shinobi, he ran into a bout of trouble after being targeted by a man he used to play cards with. In order to escape, he shed off his family name, but it didn't do him any good. Instead of taking Juugo's life, the man instead asked for the money Juugo owned him, which was enough to throw the family in dept. That was how they became a poor family. Juugo worked as a jack of all trades, yet for some reason, the dept was raised higher. When Juugo realized how much stress he was placing upon his only son, he left him in the care of a family friend. Never to be seen again. Juugo is the greatest influence upon Ginto's life.

Friends: Mr.Hamzaki - Landlord He's the big cheese of Ginto's life, the man who boasts a lot, but won't really do anything. He claims that Juugo won a game of cards before he left which allowed Ginto 5 years of rental of one of Mr.Hamzaki's apartment rooms. However, this is highly doubted, since Juugo is a family friend and seems to have taken a liking to Ginto. Ginto sees him as a scary uncle, he can trust him but the man creeps him out. Nonetheless, without this man he would be living out on the streets, so he isn't gonna bug him.

As he meets more people this shall be updated, so check frequently.

Ninja Status
Affiliation: Kirigakure no Kuni
Ninja Registration: #522362

Rank: Academy Student
Class: E-Rank

Academy Graduation Age: N/A

Chakra Information
Nature: Suiton [ water ]
Specialty: Taijutsu

Special Characteristics: In his family, many of the members become something that had to do with medical purposes. His mother was a nurse, his grand-father a veteran medic nin and so on so forth. It's safe to say that Ginto has this gene from his family which makes him suited for performing medical jutsu. Also, his father was a reckless man, with strong taijutsu and ninjutsu running in his veins. This shows itself greatly in Ginto's own jutsu, the water being controlled yet wild, and hitting with the force of the Suzambo family. Even as a lesser branch of this family, one without many ties to the actual family, Ginto shows a strong connection to his chakra and fighting style, and will probably grow to be a fantastic medic / soldier in the future.


Shirou Suiton [ Kirigakure Standard Water Jutsu ]

Medical Jutsu



Ninja Tools: Ginto is not a powerful shinobi, and is also rather poor. He usually attacks with hand to hand combat, and only uses weaponry if it is crucial to his situation. His aim and weapon skills are poor. Also, it is good to note that his backpack contains many prank tools, which have not been included in this list because of their usage as casual things, not ninja weaponry.

  • Kunai [ 5 ]
  • Shuriken [ 3 ]
  • Slingshot [ 1 ]
  • Ammo [ Many, Many Rocks ]
  • Bandages [ 2 Rolls ]

Biography And RP Sample

Biography: Life for Ginto didn't start until after his father retired from his work as a chuunin in order to escape a mental illness. Suzambo Juugo [ Not the canon Juugo ] had worked as a shinobi of Kirigakure for most of his life, a hardened man with great perseverance and charm. At the end of his career he had been a noble character for Kiri's empire, but after a clash with a particularly skilled illusionary missing nin, the man was found almost dead, frothing at the mouth and completely mad. Apparently he was trapped in a genjutsu proclaiming his death, or at least, all the ways he could die. When he was brought to a hospital he lashed out at most of the nurses, one of them being Hanna, Ginto's future mother.

Hanna was assigned to Juugo's medical condition, her being one of the most experienced young nurses in her time. She was beautiful, dark haired and deep blue eyed, with a caring compassion for her patients that most nurses could not imitate. Juugo was brought out of his trance after numerous days, each day with Hanna at his side, urging him to look to the light, and never to look back. Juugo's charms after the medical treatment won over Hanna, and one thing led to another, and by the time September rolled around, they were married, Hanna being pregnant.

Ginto was born in August, at the same time Juugo found out that his family was dissappointed in him for not returning to the shinobi force. He had tried to explain how the sickness seemed to come back whenever he thought about it, but the family had shut their ears. So he decided if that was how they wished him, he would pretty much shed his family name. Juugo did not renounce his name, but pretended to have no ties with the other Suzambo families. Ginto did not know of this, and therefore did not ever find out about this family.

The happy family did not run into any problems until Hanna contracted an illness called Cancer. There were no cures for this disease, and she died a month or two after they found the tumor. Ginto was two at the time and would not remember this well, but Juugo seemed to be hit the hardest with her passing, and became a terrible drunk and gambler. Of course he would not abuse Ginto or tell him what he was like in the night, but this terrible behavior would soon cost the two last members of the family their home and one of their lives.

An old drinking/gambling partner of Juugo's became angered that Juugo was not giving him the money he would win from their poker games. Juugo promised he'd give it to him soon, but after years [ Ginto was now 5 ] that friend became an enemy, and demanded the money. Juugo found himself owing a ton of money the family did not have to begin with. He couldn't hand over the money, so the family decided to pay in debt, losing their middle class status and becoming poorer and poorer, to the point where Ginto was having to work in order to meet up with Juugo's pay. Unknown to the both of them, the gambling partner was raising the bar without them noticing, and by Ginto's sixth birthday, had pretty much turned them into beggars.

Seeing how stressful his dad had become, Ginto began to develop a bad temper and viewed money as the ultimate object to have. Juugo realized what he was doing to his child when an 8 year old Ginto began offering "special" jobs to people in order to get them money. This infuriated him so much, he decided he had better take this into his own hands, and gave Ginto to a family friend who also happened to be a landlord. According to this landlord, Juugo had offered to pay him a great amount of money if he looked after his child for at least five years. Not many believe this claim since Mr.Hamzaki was a family friend who took great interest in Ginto. Also according to Mr.Hamzaki, Juugo yelled to him before he left to make Ginto a shinobi, so he could make the family proud once more again.

Therefore Ginto was pulled into the Academy once he turned 9. For three years he's been working his way into a life as a ninja, a life his father once had. His mother's influence has given him a hope to become a medic nin, and he is just as reckless as his father. Maybe this may actually come true. But only time will tell....

RP Sample: [ Old Post. ]
Quote :
It was almost sunrise over Konoha's streets. A dull, smoky grey sky overlooked the large buildings and long streets of the Leaf Village, slowly moving over the trees and peoples that walked through the streets. The air was thick, and that scent of dew and near-rain unsurprisingly filtered through the outdoors on the wings of the calm, blowing winds. Typical morning weather, a slightly warmer temperature promised that rain would not last here, and that the sun would be rising over and bringing rays of heat and light into the Leaf Village's lands. To the normal civillian, this was good weather, and to the shinobi, this was good time for training. A mist was slowly lifting from the town, puddles dotting the roads as the clouds passed overhead, and thus the daylight was beginning to show.

Kanaye yawned, the nearly silent sound hardly audible over the moving of carts and wagons on the streets below. The genin had perched himself on the flat roof of a random shopping building and stood with his arms folded and body leaning on the back of an old billboard. His head was down, lower face hidden under his high collared jacket, black sunglasses hiding his ebony eyes. Relaxed and quiet against the back of the large sign, nobody could really see him as he patiently stood there, watching a clock down the street as it ticked down the minutes to when the training grounds would be open. He had once again wakened to early, and was paying the price by being bored and in need of weapon supplies. The weapons shop didn't open until the training grounds did, which always pissed him off.

The Aburame could see clearly the workers carrying wagonloads of kunais and shurikens and who knows what down towards the Weapon Shop. Their grunts were probably as loud as the wagons as they clattered over the cobblestone road towards the front of the building. There was no back garage to store the weapons in, only a storage room, which was why the men were not taking any backroads. Kanaye suppressed another yawn, and looked back towards the sky. The clouds were starting to break up and move away from Konoha, definitely proving that this would be yet another sunny day. The Aburame suddenly heard the sound of metal crashing down, and looked back to the workers, who had just lowered the wagon with a harsh thud. Their red faces cleared up as they finally breathed in and pulled up the boxes to bring them into the storage room. As the door shut and they were inside, Kanaye straightened up.

He brought out a hand and began counting down. ''5....4....3....2....''

The door opened, the men hurredly shuffled the wagon (now much lighter) away and the sign Closed changed to the sign Open. Kanaye smirked and jumped down from his perch on to the cobblestone streets in silence. Landing in a crouch, he approached the door and opened it before dissappearing inside.....

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Suzambo, Ginto [ Finished ]  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suzambo, Ginto [ Finished ]    Suzambo, Ginto [ Finished ]  EmptySun Apr 10, 2011 6:03 pm

My character has been finished and is now ready for critique.
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Suzambo, Ginto [ Finished ]
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